Vendor Guidelines

Wallowa County Farmers’ Market Guidelines 2017

Market Mission
v  To promote local, farm fresh products grown in Wallowa County, in neighboring counties and throughout Oregon.
v  To provide a community gathering place supportive of local entrepreneurs.

Market Times and Locations
Joseph:        Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., May 27 – October 14, 2017
                    Main and Joseph streets between the Baptist Church and the Joseph Library

Vendors must apply annually and have all licenses and permits required by federal, state and local regulations. All vendors must have their products approved by the Market Manager before they are allowed to sell.
Product Guidelines
v  All products must be of good quality and of local origin, defined as being from Wallowa County, a county bordering Wallowa County or Oregon. Priority is given to products grown, raised, produced or gathered by the vendor in Wallowa and/or Union counties.  It is expected that all or most of the produce will be grown by the vendor. Exceptions may be made for vendors offering produce not otherwise available at the market by permission of the Market Manager and/or Board. All produce not grown by the vendor must be from identifiable family farm(s) and must be clearly signed as to origin. Information on growing practices should be available. Blanket brokering of produce is not allowed at the market.
v  The Market Manager and/or Board make the final decision on what may be sold at the market.
v  Products which can be sold at the market include vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, vegetable and flowering plants, nuts, cut flowers, eggs, honey, dairy products, meats, seafood, poultry and some farm-based food items made by the vendor such as cheese, sausage, and baked goods.
v  Handmade crafts made by the vendor are eligible for the market. We encourage crafts made from locally grown or gathered materials or having a connection to gardening or food. All crafts must meet the approval of the Market Manager and/or Board. The number of craft vendors should not exceed 50% of the total number of vendors, and is subject to the discretion of the Market Manager and/or Board.
v  The market gives preference to produce that is grown organically and sustainably. No genetically modified organisms are to be knowingly sold or included in products sold at the market.
v  Processed foods including but not limited to bread, jams, jellies, pickles, pesto, salsa, dressings, sausage, cheeses and baked goods are expected to be prepared in a licensed kitchen and to comply with all state laws and health regulations regarding the preparation and marketing of these foods. It is the responsibility of individual vendors to determine requirements for their products and to ensure that they are in compliance with county, state and federal regulations. Vendors are expected to have a significant role in the preparation of the food. Vendors selling products from an unlicensed kitchen under the Oregon Farm Direct exemption will be asked to sign a copy of the Farm Direct Rules as confirmation of their compliance.
v  All vendors are responsible for complying with state and county food safety requirements.
v  Preference is given to those vendors using local products in their ingredients.

Vendor and Pricing Guidelines
v  Vendors must consult the Market Manager about available space. The Market Manager has the final authority over assigning booth space. Priority is given to returning season vendors. Drop-in vendors are assigned spaces on a first come, first served basis at the discretion of the Market Manager. Each vendor is responsible for notifying the Market Manager of any anticipated absences in advance of market day.
v  Pricing of products must reflect retail prices. Underselling products at wholesale prices is not allowed. The market is a value-added center for local agriculture and a place for local growers to sell products for full value. Selling at wholesale prices defeats this purpose and compromises the value of the farmers market.
Booth/Stand Guidelines
v  Each vendor is responsible for bringing everything needed for the stand including table, chairs, etc., as well as the setup and takedown of the stand at the beginning and end of the market.
v  Each vendor must provide signage that identifies the booth and all products. Vendors should also display a sign indicating if they accept WIC vouchers and SNAP/EBT benefits.
v  A canopy is recommended but not required. If a canopy is used, the vendor is required to tether all four corners with weights heavy enough to withstand strong wind gusts. Use of bricks, pegs or stakes is insufficient.
v  Setup for the Saturday market must be completed by market opening at 10 a.m. All vehicles must be removed from Market area by 9:30 a.m.
v  Takedown for the Saturday market begins at 2 p.m.
v  Vendors are to leave booths set up for the entire market even if product sells out. Packing up early gives patrons the mistaken impression that the market is over for the other vendors.

v  Offering samples of farm produce to the public is encouraged. The following guidelines must be followed: samples must be prepared using sanitary methods; convenience items such as toothpicks and napkins must be supplied as needed; samples must be kept in clean containers; waste disposal containers must be provided; and samples must be free.

Market Fees
The market fees help meet general operating expenses including hiring a market manager, advertising, market events and promotion, SNAP/EBT fees and general liability insurance for the market.
v  The annual $25 market membership dues are required to participate in the market. Membership helps support the markets’ activities and entitles a member to voting rights.  Membership is required to serve on the board of directors.
v  The booth fee is $20 per market.  A youth entrepreneur booth fee (for vendors under 18 years old) is $10 per market. 
v  A 25% discount is granted to vendors who  pay in advance for the full season. 

To receive the 10% discount, full season vendors may pay total in thirds:     Pay the full amount due in three installments.  See Vendor application for due dates.
v  Vendors choosing to pay per market throughout the season are encouraged to pay by check to help facilitate market administration.

Fees:  See Vendor Application.  Vendors will receive any reimbursement checks the week following at Farmers' Market or to be mailed to address on application.

Annual Membership Dues:  $25

Checks for annual dues and market fees can be made out to:
Wallowa County Farmers’ Market
P.O. Box 652
Enterprise, OR 97828

Please be sure to read these guidelines before signing and submitting your application.



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  2. Thank you for providing Wallowa County Farmers’ Market Guidelines.No doubt,It would serve as a great help for all the concerned farmers and agriculturists.

  3. Thank you for providing Wallowa County Farmers’ Market Guidelines.No doubt,It would serve as a great help for all the concerned farmers and agriculturists.

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