Friday, September 26, 2014

Even though our Thursday markets in Enterprise are over, we have lots of exciting things coming up in Joseph between now and October 11! So make sure you don't miss out. This week is very exciting as we get to enjoy the Alpenfest musicians as they stroll through Joseph. We will have our big red tent set up for them to be able to relax for a while as they entertain us with wonderful music! So make sure you stop by and shop all the local goodies and produce as you dance to the great music! Our vendors have produce coming out their ears just in time for preserving and storing for winter.
Next week, October 4th, is our last kids' booth Saturday so we would like to have as many kids as possible come out and join us to sell their wares. Just contact me at 541-805-4388 or stop by my booth at the market this weekend to sign up. We will also be painting pumpkins donated by our vendors. Who can paint the best one?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tomato Tasting this week!

Very exciting week this week! We have our last Enterprise market on Thursday and will be having a fun tomato tasting. So if you have tomatoes you'd like to share with us, we will have a tasting contest to see what people like the best.
And on Saturday, we will have another tomato tasting as well so if you can't make it Thursday, bring them Saturday! We will also be having a tomato toss contest for kids with prizes from our vendors. It'll be a fun day with lots of great food and music as well as fun!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hope everyone has enjoyed the last few markets. Been busy moving so I haven't gotten on here to update the blog recently. But we have had some wonderful music and fun events the last few weeks.
This week at the Thursday market, we have two great musical groups; Never Strangers and Nichole Squared!Never Strangers is known for their upbeat and dance to the beat music. "Inspired by their Pacific Northwest home region, Never Strangers creatively blends threads of american folk, bluegrass, old time, and gospel traditions into a compelling and uniquely Northwest sound." Nichole Squared is a duo of 14 year old girls from Walla Walla. They have an eclectic mix of songs from Taylor Swift to Leonard Cohen. They are "talented multi-instrumental singer/songwriters that harmonize beautifully together." It will be a great evening of music!
Saturday will be our Aprons on Display event! It will be a great mix of aprons for sale and aprons displayed by vendors. So come to the market wearing your apron and be entered in our drawing for great products from our vendors! We will also Katch Josephy giving us great music to listen to while you shop the market looking at great products from fresh peaches to watermelons to squash to french pastries that melt in your mouth! And don't forget our beautiful jewelry and crafts made by our talented local artists! See you at the market!