Vendor Application

Wallowa County Farmers’ Market VENDOR APPLICATION  2017
 Please fill out this form completely and return with your payment to:
Wallowa County Farmers’ Market, P.O. Box 652, Enterprise, OR 97828. 

Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Business/Farm name (if different):__________________________________________________
Mailing Address:________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________State: _______ Zip: ____________
Phone(s): ________________________ Email:_________________________________

Products:   ___ nursery stock     ___ produce     ___ art/crafts     ___ prepared foods      ____ dairy    ___ meat/seafood        ____         baked goods     ____ cut flowers    ____ other  (Describe other) ________________________________________________________________

 2017 Fees based on one 10x10 booth space/double booth is two 10x10 spaces. 
Amount Paid
Annual Membership   (required for all vendors – attach to application)
Weekly Drop-in Single            (full season $400)
$20 ea.

Weekly Drop-in Double Booth  (full season $800)
$40 ea.

Full Season Single 25% Discount (= $400 - 25%)
Paid before May 27

Full Season Single 10%  Discount
Pay thirds= due 5/27, 7/15, 9/2 (= $400 - 25%)

Full Season Double 25% Discount
Paid before May27   (= $800 - 25%)

Full Season Double 10% Discount
Pay thirds= due 5/27, 7/15, 9/2 (=$800-10%)

Non-profit/community service (no sales)
Total Due:
 NOTE: Youth fees have stayed the same as previous.
NOTE: Reimbursement checks from credit/debit/EBT will be distributed to you at the next market or mailed that week.

Dates of interest (for weekly participation, circle those that apply): 

May 27  June 3  10  17  24 July 1  8  15  22  Aug 5  12  19  26  Sept 2  9 16  23 30  Oct 7  14
NO market on July 30 for Chief Joseph Days

I have read and understand the Wallowa County Farmers’ Market Guidelines 2017. I agree to adhere to all guidelines, regulations and procedures. I understand that the Wallowa County Farmers’ Market is not liable for losses or liabilities incurred. Vendors are encouraged to carry their own business and product liability insurance. I certify that I carry and am current with all licensure or other certifications required for the sale of my product(s). 

Vendor Signature: ________________________________Date: __________________

Accepted by: ____________________________Check #:___________________ (Revised 03/17)


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