Co-op Booth

Community Co-op Booth Guidelines 2018

The goals of the Wallowa County Farmers’ Market (WCFM) Community Co-op Booth
are to:
• Increase options for market customers.
• Provide local non-professional growers a means of sharing their bounty with
the community, and generating extra income.
• Provide aspiring professional growers a means of testing the market before
committing to their own booth.
• Create a partnership opportunity with Slow Food Wallowas.


• In order to guarantee a spot at the booth, vendors must contact market
manager, Emily Aumann, by Friday at 5 p.m. to let her know approximately
what and how much they are bringing, and whether they are willing to serve
as booth attendant. Contact manager at or 541-838-0795.
• Vendors are allowed to bring product day-of-market without a reservation,
but they run the risk of there not being space for them. Only vendors who
have reserved a space by Friday are guaranteed to sell at the booth.
• A one-time (annual) WCFM member fee of $10 must be paid prior to the first
sales day at market. This fee helps support the market manager’s wages.
• Vendors pay WCFM 10% commission of sales at the end of the market day;
this commission is waived if a vendor volunteers to serve as the booth
attendant. This must be arranged with and approved by the market manager;
there is one attendant per market.
• The volunteer booth attendant promotes all products available, not just
theirs. There is a separate set of guidelines for the attendant; please request
them in advance if you are interested in serving in this capacity.
• A Slow Food Wallowas volunteer will provide assistance and promote SFW.
• Market manager decides how many vendors can fit in the booth each week
based on the amount of product they are bringing. It may be necessary to
implement a waiting list, and/or encourage larger vendors to reserve their
own booth.

What May Be Sold

• The Community Co-op Booth is only for produce or processed foods
grown/processed by the vendor, or for herbs, plant starts, or cut flowers.
o Processed foods allowed under Oregon’s Farm Direct law include
jams, jellies, syrups, pickles, lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables,
honey. Learn more here:

o Baked goods allowed under Oregon’s Home Baking Bill include bread,
cakes, pies, cookies, and confections such as caramels and hard candy.
Learn more here:
o Eggs allowed under Oregon’s egg-handling laws. Learn more here:

• Oregon law requires processed food to be sold to the customer directly by its
producer. Therefore, if a vendor wants to sell processed food, they will need
to serve as the booth vendor that week. And, therefore, only one vendor of
processed food is allowed per week.
• The booth is not equipped with a scale, so food items that can't be
individually priced (e.g. salad mix) must be bagged or bundled, and priced
• Vendors are responsible for bringing their own display baskets, ice, etc.
Please provide a nameplate or other small sign identifying the grower (name
and town).
• It is important to the WCFM for the Co-op Booth provide opportunity without
undermining our regular produce vendors; therefore, the WCFM provides a
pricing guideline sheet. Vendors are responsible for setting their own prices,
but please use this sheet for guidance.

W.C. Farmer’s Market Community Co-op Booth

Please type or print clearly and return printed copy to Market Manager, Emily Aumann, on market day or prior to market day at, 541-838-0795

Business or Farm Name:
Mailing Address:
City:                                                                    State:                                              Zip:
Primary Phone:

Are you interested in volunteering as the booth attendant?
(The 10% vendor commission fee is waived for attendants’ products for the day.
The market manager assigns one attendant each week. See guidelines for details.)

Please list any agricultural products or processed foods you anticipate selling at the
co-op booth this season (deviations from this list are allowed):

I have read and understand the 2018 WCFM Community Co-op Booth Guidelines
(, and agree to adhere to all guidelines, regulations and
procedures. I understand that the WCFM is not liable for losses or liabilities incurred
at the market. I certify that I carry and am current with all licensure or other certifications
required for the sale of my product(s).
Signature                                                                                                       Date