Farm Direct Nutrition Program:

Apply to be an authorized farmer or participating farmers market

  • If you are new to the FDNP, complete an online application for first time FDNP farmers and farmers markets..
  • If you were a participating farmer or farmers market last year, the FDNP team at Oregon WIC will contact you after April 1 to update your information or reapply as needed.

Farmer authorization

Authorized farmers accept Farm Direct checks for the sale of their fresh fruit, vegetables, and/or cut culinary herbs.

To qualify, farmers must:

  • Own, lease, rent, or sharecrop land to grow, cultivate, or harvest crops on that land in Oregon or a bordering county in another state, and;
  • Sell their own produce at a farmers market or farm stand.

Before accepting FDNP checks, farmers must:

  • Complete and submit an application;
  • Participate in a brief orientation training call;
  • Sign a three-year agreement, and;
  • Receive an authorization letter and program materials packet in the mail from the state.

SNAP Eligible Foods:

You can spend your SNAP tokens on any SNAP eligible foods at the market, such as bread, cheese, meat, and produce.

DUFB Eligible Items:

You can spend your DUFB on fresh, dried, or frozen whole or cut fruits and vegetables without added sugars, fats, oils, or salt. This includes mushrooms, fresh herbs, nuts, dried beans, and edible plant starts (i.e. tomato plants).