Monday, July 20, 2009

Heart of Summer

With this heat comes great reward: summer offerings start showing up at the market to accompany the greens and herbs. This week brings sweet carrots, luscious beets and tender cauliflower.

Sure carrots are great for nibbling raw, beets for roasting and cauliflower for steaming, but try mixing things up this summer.

How about:
*grilled whole carrots slicked with olive oil and coarse sea salt as a side dish
*raw grated beets in your salad--how pretty and tasty
*roasted cauliflower florettes tossed with pasta and parmesan

Keep on the lookout for green beans, summer squash and peas all coming soon.

Special this week: Sweet cherries from Cove only at the Thursday market in Enterprise. (There is no Saturday market in Joseph because it's Chief Joseph Days.)

See you at the lake!